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Once a proud race of skilled craftsmen and mighty warriors, the dwarves of today are a defeated people, scattered throughout the system to live out their remaining days in sullen solitude.


Most dwarves are extraordinarily grim and quick to anger. Barely a generation removed from the loss of their homeworld, dwarves are a race without true direction or purpose. Though some still cling to the hope that the invading mind flayers might still be defeated, these hopeful few represent only a small portion of the dwarven populace. Woe betide anyone who tries to cheer up a sullen dwarf with a jest!

Physical Description

As in the Player’s Handbook, for the most part, except that most dwarves are completely bald and clean-shaven. They voluntarily undergo this ritual as a remembrance of their lost world. Only a dwarf who has completely turned his back on the rest of his race dares grow hair on his head or face. Their dress appears drab to others, since dwarves have little use for color (their underground, darkvision-controlled existence leads to a life accustomed to black and white).

The two exceptions to this are the Sky Dwarves who have no connection to Moradin’s Forge, and continue to wear their hair in a manner very similar to the Gnomes; and the Forge Dwarves who retain their stone and metal beards as a matter of design.


Dwarves have little choice but to coexist with other races, though they do so grudgingly. They can’t understand how the gnomes cope with the loss of their homeworld, and they have little patience for elven politics. Dwarves find humans and halflings acceptable company, though the relatively short lifespans of those races generally prevent strong bonds of friendship from growing. By far the Dwarves get along best with Bearkin. Despite the ancient enmity between dwarves and orcs, the dwarves understand that half-orcs are as much victims of the illithids as they.


Dwarves still retain their bent toward law, though many have turned from good to neutral in the years of separation from their world.


All dwarves, except this nomadic Sky Dwarves hail from Moradin’s Forge – a cold, dark planet where virtually all life exists far beneath the surface in geothermal heated caverns. For thousands of years the dwarves battled the other native humanoids, the orcs, for control of the planet. Only the arrival of the conquering illithids quieted this ancient war, and now the only dwarves remaining on the Forge are slaves or freedom fighters.

Sky Dwarves have – for generations untold – lived in space. These nomadic craftsmen have no homeworld, and instead think of the whole of Pyre Space as their own.


Moradin is the chief deity of the dwarves, though with the loss of their homeworld the dwarves have turned away from the gods, and the worship of Moradin has waned. Many younger dwarves know little of their races creator.


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