As both the youngest and the shortest-lived of the races, humans are always pushing to expand their knowledge and influence throughout the system. Relatively new to spelljamming, humans have nonetheless taken to it with a mixture of fervor and grace that belies their young culture.


Humans are adaptable and outgoing. Though perhaps not as ambitious as halflings, humans nevertheless share that race’s interest in “what’s out there.” Since human recorded history doesn’t go back as far as that of the other races of the system, humans are often seen as the “children” of the region.

Physical Description

As in the Player’s Handbook, most humans have skin tones ranging from lightly tanned to bronze to near-black from their continued exposure to direct sunlight, though those raised away from the human homeworld of Quelya sport a lighter range of skin tones. The exception to this variety seems to come from the water-born natives of the lost city of Aventus who have sleek, smooth, grey skin that feels slightly rubbery to the touch. Aventi hair ranges from black or blue to green. Both strains of humanity tend to flavor lightweight, brightly colored clothing that doesn’t restrict their movement.


Humans tend to accept the other races at face value, without undue prejudice. For this reason, they make excellent intermediaries between foreign cultures.


Humans span the entire range of alignments, with no particular predilection.


All humans in the system hail (at least originally) from the watery world of Quelya, second from the Pyre. Even those humans born elsewhere, such as the asteroid city of Discord, look to Quelya as their homeworld.


Humans tend to worship a pantheon of gods native to Quelya, with the most significant in most settlements is Phelos, the sun god. Mad Jack O’Bannon is the youngest of the Quelyan gods and is often venerated by those humans who live (or just travel) away from the human homeworld.


Human names vary greatly. Some families (especially those living away from Quelya) adopt naming traditions from other races, while others favor names that indicate their occupation or roll in society.



Although they look to the Sun for prosperity and happiness, all humans of Quelya are children of the Storm, all know to fear the storm, to be always ready for when it descends upon you. All Quelyans know that they are stronger and more prepared for whatever life throws at them, because they have come through the storm, and not only survived, but they thrive. Humans of Pyre Space are confident and sure – almost invariably certain of success even in the face of failure, and are identical to those presented in the Player’s Handbook.


The Stormborn speak Qualish and one extra language of your choice.



Long ago, on the world of Quelya – before even the first elves dipped a toe in the eversea – the island nation of Aventus was said to rule the whole of the world.

A mighty city-state, the Kingdom of Aventus stretched the width and breadth of the entire, massive island (said to have been the largest body of land on the planet), and ruled by the immortal Mage-Kings of the White Concordance – usurpers of magic both Arcane and Divine, the Theurges of Aventus. Whether the Mage-Kings stole their magics or worked and studied to master the Weave – whether they displeased the gods or reached too far into the very heart of magic itself – none can deny the outcome.

Aventus fell to the Storm.

The entirety of the island was sunk beneath the waves, killing almost every inhabitant, and leaving the rest permanently altered by the last dying act of Mage-Kings. The inhabitants of Aventus were changed on a fundamental level, making them capable of surviving the depths, and as the magic that saved them also saved the City Beneath the Waves, a great many of them remained. Making a new life for themselves away from the wrath of the Storm.

You are descended from these water-dwelling inhabitants, though you now find yourself exploring the surface – and the many surfaces across the sea of stars.

Aventi are considered humans. They can interbreed freely with humans, and the two races actually breed true – with the offspring taking the race of its mother.


  • Ability Score Adjustments. Your Constitution is increased by 1, and any other ability score is increased by 1.
  • Age. Aventi reach adulthood in their early teens and live less than a century.
  • Alignment. Like their surface-dwelling cousins, Aventi tend toward no particular alignment. The best and worst are among them.
  • Size. Aventi vary widely in height and build, though they tend to be slightly smaller than other humans, ranging from just over 4 feet to almost 6 feet tall. Regardless of your height, your size is Medium.
  • Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet, and you have a swim speed of 20 feet.
  • Languages. You can speak, read, and write Aquan and one extra language of your choice.
  • From the Depths. You have resistance to cold damage.
  • Darkvision. You have superior vision in dark and dim conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it was dim light. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
  • Skin of the Deep. Your thick skin and sturdy build help you better navigate the dangers of the ocean depths, granting you a natural armor bonus. When unarmored, your AC is equal to 12 + dexterity modifier.


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