The Pyre

The Pyre

At the center of the system lies The Pyre, a fiery body that warms and illuminates the inner worlds. Some claim the Pyre is a gate to the Elemental Plane of Fire, while others claim it was once a world like any other, but infernal magics cursed it to an eternity aflame. Salamanders, mephits, and other fiery creatures live here.

Climate and Terrain

The Pyre is almost entirely composed of elemental fire. Superheated smoke and vapor collects in deadly toxic clouds. A few rocky “earthbergs” even float through the upper atmosphere, blasted and half−molten from the incredible heat.

Some of the larger bergs provide shelter to creatures incapable of surviving the temperatures here. Indeed, rumors persist of island−sized rocks that hide small networks of caverns that hold lost treasure, concealed pirate outposts, or even wizard’s lairs. Of course, reaching one of these bergs − assuming you even know where to find it − is hazardous in the extreme.

First, any object in the Pyre’s upper atmosphere suffers 2d10 points of fire damage per round of exposure and must succeed on a DC 15 Dexterity save each round to avoid catching fire.

Second, the smokey atmosphere limits normal sight to a range of 120 feet (except for creatures native to the Elemental Plane of Fire with the Elemental type, who can see up to 240 feet. Thus, a pilot must remain constantly wary for obstacles hiding in the fiery haze.

Third, natural hazards such as steam clouds and rains of ash are common in the atmosphere. A steam cloud has a radius of 1d100 x 10 feet and inflicts an additional 1d10 points of fire damage per minute spent within it. Rains of hot ash move in like a stormcloud, lasing 2d10 minutes (and inflicting an additional 1d10 points of fire damage per round) before drifting off or burning out.


As might be expected, only those creatures that can withstand the awesome heat of the Pyre live here. Salamanders of all sizes are common residents, as well as fire, magma, and steam mephits. Some of the larger earthbergs hide the lairs of red, brass, and gold dragons. Rumors persist of fire giant enclaves scattered about, and the efreet are said to have an outpost in the upper atmosphere. Surprisingly, few true elementals are encountered here.

It is also possible that characters here might encounter other fire element creatures, such as wyverns, manticores, dragonnes, giant eagles, and pegasi.


The Pyre has virtually no natural resources to offer explorers, aside from rare Primordial Fire Deposits, and rare veins of gemstones or precious metals which might be found in some of the earthbergs.

The Pyre

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